My Delivery Story – Heaven after All the Pain in the World

My Delivery Story - Heaven after All the Pain in the World
I became pregnant and didn’t really believe it was true. It was about that time that my sis and a cousin had a miscarriage. I was naturally scared of loving my little bump too much and afraid of losing it.
Every time I heard his heartbeats through a Doppler, it reassured me. Even now, after 6 months, I feel like I can hear it.
I made it to my delivery day, after a lot of waiting and anxiety. For two days, the doc had done 4 PV’s and said that there was no dilation. Trust me guys, PV isn’t that much fun. Then, they decided to prepare me for a Caesarean too and put me on drips for labour induction. The pain was unbearable. But I held my cries and screams. Wanted to save my energy, to be awake to see my baby. Then the doc came and checked, and told that she’s seeing the baby’s head and that I’d deliver normally in five minutes. Then everything happened fast. They got the baby out and declared the time and that he’s a boy. I couldn’t see him clearly because he was covered with amniotic fluid. They put stitches and asked me to rest. After bearing all that labour pain, I found that, when they put stitches, it only tickled.
Then, after ten minutes, they bought him all bundled up. That’s when I saw him for the first time. My little angel. That’s when I cried for the first time after being admitted for delivery. I cried so bad that the nurses had to call the doctor. Because my eyes were swollen. They thought there was something wrong with me?.
He’s now a healthy and a happy baby. And now I look back and think to myself that my baby’s worth all the pain in the world.

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