5 Ways You Can Prevent Cold and Cough in Babies

5 Ways You Can Prevent Cold and Cough in Babies

In the growing age of babies, the biggest challenge that the parents come across is cold and cough. Here I will discuss a few very important points on why kids have a cold and cough and how can it be avoided by taking a few steps.

1. No Use of Nail Paints

While we feed babies with hands, it’s very important not to apply nail paint because the nail paint colours contain chemicals and this can be one of the reasons for babies getting cold and cough.

2. No to Ketchup

If your toddler eats everything with ketchup/sauce, its a big no till the age of 3. Outside foods like ketchup/ sauce contain colouring agents which are one of the major reasons kids go through cough leading to fever.

3. A Big No to Chocolates

If your toddler is 2 years old and wants to eat ice-creams and screams for chocolate ice-creams… then its time to give them ice cream but only vanilla. Again if kids are eating chocolate in any form, be it biscuits, cakes or ice-creams, they have high chances of cough and cold that can give you restless nights.

4. No Coloured Toys for Crawling or Teething Babies

When babies start crawling or teething, they start putting everything in their mouth. It’s time to put all the coloured toys away which babies can put in their mouth. Let them play with the toys, but keep a check that they put relevant teethers and not the coloured toys in their mouth. These coloured toys can create a coughing problem.

5. No Junk Food

The oil that is used in the wafers and other packaged fried foods is again not advisable for kids under 3 years of age. These fried foods can again cause a lot of coughing and cold in toddlers.
Considering and experimenting with all the above points, again if the baby catches a cold and cough, try not to give medicines and suppress it. Rather use home remedies that I shall share in my next article.
Till then Happy parenting!

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