Am I a Bad Mother Who Can Not Take Care of Her Kids?

Am I a Bad Mother Who Can Not Take Care of Her Kids?

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So, my topic itself provides the entire storyline. I am a working mother with two daughters, albeit I am now on maternity leave.

What went wrong with me was my older daughter; I adore her, and now that she is older, people accuse me of spoiling her since she has terrible habits such as drinking milk from a bottle and refusing to eat fruits and vegetables. Since the beginning, she has been with domestic help, and they haven’t taken good care of her. In addition, my in-laws and parents have taken care of her, but everything is vague.

As a result, when good things happen, they would claim that it is because of them, and all of these terrible habits are because of me; for her, I am the one who is to blame for everything wrong. I agree that I have spoiled her as a guilt-ridden mother who does not give her enough attention, so I pamper her a lot. However, I am alone in this process, and my husband does not support me.

Consequently, my baby refuses to take medicine, refuses to quit bottle feeding at the age of three, refuses to eat proper meals, and refuses to try new foods. All of their allegations have enraged me to the point of rage.
I’d want to question all the mothers out there if the child’s entire duty falls solely on the mother’s shoulders, and if so, does this make her a bad mother. Is it illegal to work? I agree that my child has some poor habits, but she is a well-behaved child who is not underweight and whose overall growth is expected.
Her actions occasionally worry me, but I remind myself that she will not always be a child, and I continue to try every feasible method to get her to do vital things. So does that make me a bad mother?
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