What Is the Best Gift We Can Give Our Children?

Children love gifts a lot. Not only children, but even adults love receiving gifts. My child’s second birthday is approaching, and lately, I have been thinking about what I should gift him for his birthday. Toys, clothes, a bike, other accessories, and there’s so much more is out there to give him.
Of course, some of this will be given to him, but I promised myself to gift him some non-materialistic things that will remain with him for his lifetime. These gifts should not just be given on birthdays, but every day. Here are some things I want to gift my child:
  1. Time- It is said “Time is Money”. Is there a better gift than giving my child my time? Being a working woman, it becomes a little difficult to give him all my time. But whenever I can manage, I do spend my time with him and make the best memories. These childhood days will not come back again. Enjoy this time the most. In a way, we are giving ourselves as a gift by spending fun time with our little ones.
  2. Values- In today’s world, where everything has become a rat race, let us make a change and impart values to our children instead of giving them worldly knowledge. Worldly knowledge is also important, but we do have to take care of the values our child gets as these are gained only at home. What they see, they will be.
  3. Love- I read this quote somewhere, “Our children need us to love them the most for who they are, and not to correct them the entire time”. I feel this is so important. Our children are too young, and they deserve nothing but love. Being loved will make them happy individuals, and we all want our kids to be happy.
  4. Patience- A quote says “We can learn so many things from our children, especially patience.” We all have 24 hours in a day and 365 things on our heads to complete. In the process of multitasking and being perfect, we lose our patience and take out all our frustration on our kids. Yes, we do realise later that we did something wrong, but it is repeated all the time. I promise that I will try my best to learn to be patient with my kiddo. Do you promise to be patient as well?
  5. Relationships – Maintaining relationships is difficult than creating relationships. With social media getting so much importance, everything we see is beautiful. We are not aware of what’s going on inside. I will try to make my child understand that being happy and maintaining relationships are of utmost importance in today’s materialistic world.
Moms, what do you plan on gifting your children? Please help me out with more ideas!
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