Weaning Your Bundle of Joy - Supplement His Diet With These Superfoods!

Weaning Your Bundle of Joy – Supplement His Diet With These Superfoods!

Congratulations! You have officially begun your child’s food journey and are about to influence her food choices for life. Lay down a strong foundation of nutrition which will help her reach the point of satiety as well as help her discover diverse tastes and gain optimum weight in correspondence to her age.

The joy of watching your child gulp down her first pureed/mashed food feels truly amazing. It is an achievement for both the mother and child to take the next step after breastmilk/formula milk to real foods.

However, remember that breastmilk and formula milk must be spaced out well between mealtimes.  Make the most of the day and feed your child a variety of foods. These are some ideas which worked well for me:

1. Wheat Seera

In a cooking utensil, add two to three tablespoons of ghee and let it melt down. Add about 1-2 teaspoons of atta and keep roasting it until it has a nice brown colour. Add some boiled water to get the desired consistency. Try to keep it a bit thick so your baby gets to enjoy the taste. Feed immediately.

Pro Tip – There is no need to add salt/sugar or any other flavours to your child’s diet until her first birthday.

2. Apple Juice

This one is very simple to make. Just grate a quarter or half of an apple. Use a clean cloth to squeeze the grated apple and find the sweetest juice accumulated in a bowl. Feed right away.

Pro Tip – Include all kinds of fruits and vegetables to your baby’s diet. But make sure to repeat the same kind of food for some days before switching to another. The reason is to check and rule out any allergies if they occur.

3. Mashed Potat

This one will be loved by your little one. Just roast the potato in pure ghee and watch the pleasure unfolding in every bite.

4. Mashed Sweet Potato

Filled with antioxidants and vitamins, this will prove to be a great in-between snack for your infant. Just boil it and mash it with a spoon and do allow your baby a few sips of water in between owing to its dry texture.

5. Moong Dal and Rice Combined with Carrot/French Bean/Beetroot/Potato/Tomato/Palak

Make this healthy dal combination a staple diet for your child. You can pick and choose the vegetable depending on how recently you bought them and feed it to your baby on a daily basis. This makes for a great big nutritious meal for your child.

Pro Tip – Associate meal times with bonding over stories, songs, life lessons, and nursery rhymes. This will not only strengthen your bond with your little one but also impart great lessons from an early age.

Wish you the best!

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