My First Solo Trip With My 2-year-old Toddler – Travel Tips and Tricks

My First Solo Trip With My 2-year-old Toddler - Travel Tips and Tricks

“Travel is the best addiction”, I have always loved travelling and visiting new places. But after getting pregnant when I was put on bed rest, I missed the wanderlust.

After my 2-year-old son turned 2, I decided to go on solo trips with him. Finally planned to visit my brother and sister-in-law staying in Hyderabad. We stay in Delhi, it takes approximately 2 hours by air.  When I informed my husband about my travel plans, he was a little hesitant as I had never travelled with Vihaan, our son, alone. He was well aware of the dreadful situations I might face. He asked me to give it a second thought and then book tickets. I wanted to give it a try, someday I might have to travel alone with him, then why not now. It would be a new experience for both mom and son. Still, I was nervous about handling his unannounced tantrums on the flight, or he might just whine and disturb co-passengers, or he may not just sit and walk around. I had to plan accordingly, how to tackle the worst scenario.  I took care of a few details while planning my trip. Here they are …

  • I booked an early hour flight, that coincided with Vihaan’s sleep time, I was sure we would board the flight and he would sleep.
  • No diaper bag, instead a backpack was more convenient. I had my arms free to carry my son when required.
  • Comfortable shoes, the most important tip. Walking around the airport with a toddler is not a cakewalk so I decided to wear my sneakers, light and comfortable.
  • Comfortable clothes. For me, my most comfortable attire is denim and top, easy to change.
  • I kept an extra set of clothes for both of us and his diapers and wet wipes handy. Just in case if his clothes got dirty or mine. He might spill or puke.
  • I carried his favourite snacks and allowed him some cakes and chocolates as rewards if he listened to Momma. This really helped. Though I restrain him from refined carbs and sugar, I agreed to bend the rules just for that day.
  • Beforehand, I narrated to him adventure stories of how he would travel by air. He was looking forward to getting on the aeroplane.
  • Children can sense when we get nervous or irritated. So I was in a happy mood throughout our journey.
  • Lastly, airline people are very considerate and helpful especially if you are accompanying a kid or an elderly person. So never hesitate to ask for a helping hand.

Fortunately, all was fine, Vihaan was excited and exploring new things until we boarded our flight and eventually he fell asleep. It was my fear of the unknown, my apprehensions which I overcame.
This experience made me feel empowered as a mother. Believe in yourself and everything will fall into place.

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