Intimacy Issues With Partner After Baby and How to Deal With It

Intimacy Issues With Partner After Baby and How to Deal With It

Hey Mommies, as a mother of one and a half-year-old, I feel that postpartum sex life is something every woman is excited as well as stressed about. If you get a green signal from your doctor, it is not that you can go ahead. Rather, it is all about the readiness of both the partners physically and emotionally. Some women get ready in a few weeks, and others might take some extra time which may be up to 6 to 9 months. It’s very important to be healthy both physically and mentally. Never allow postpartum depression to take over your peace of mind. It is best to think positively, develop healthy eating habits, exercise regularly (though the hardest part, I guess), and most importantly, share your feelings with your partner.


  1. Exhaustion due to sleeplessness.
  2. Hormonal changes can lead to vaginal dryness and sensitivity.
  3. Postpartum depression due to less me-time and lack of self-care.
  4. Fear of pain in the stitches due to intercourse
  5. Lack of privacy.
  6. Your body might not feel sexy after giving birth.
  7. Breastfeeding may also dry up lubrication and your desire for sex in the initial months.
  8. Making love to your partner may not be your priority as you may prefer to take some rest, catch good sleep, take a relaxing bath, and have some time for yourself.

Tips for Rebuilding Intimacy:

  1. Talk and listen to your partner about your feelings to understand each other’s desires.
  2. Share household chores to get some time for each other.
  3. Start with small moments of love like holding hands, cuddling, kissing, etc., to build physical affection, which may lead to sex when you both are ready.
  4. Take the help of elders or other family members to take care of the baby for some time so that you can go for a walk or dinner date together.
  5. Take proper sleep and rest whenever you get time.
  6. Eat plenty of fruits, green vegetables, and protein-rich foods to get that extra energy.
  7. Take turns to take care of the baby.
  8. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
  9. Don’t force yourself to fake sexual feelings. Trust your body and wait for the right time.

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