Home Remedy to Cure the Mask of Pregnancy: Melasma

Home Remedy to Cure the Mask of Pregnancy: Melasma

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Dark brown patches on cheeks, bridge of the nose, chin, or forehead during pregnancy or after pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance or deficiency is called melasma. I, too, had the mask of pregnancy on my nose and cheeks like many mothers around every corner of the world. I was a little tense about them, but my well-wishers made me more worried. Different people were giving different suggestions to deal with it. While some suggested eating healthy like dry fruits, non-veg meals, and milk, others advised applying different steroid creams. A few of them even suggested chemical peel off.

Ignoring everyone’s advice, I chose to consult a dermatologist. I visited the most renowned dermatologist in my city. Leaving my 3-month old baby at home, I waited for 2 hours at the doctor’s chamber and even paid Rs. 2000 as consultation fees. The doctor advised having my thyroid and Vitamin D3 tested and recommended a steroid-free cream as I was breastfeeding. My reports were normal; even after applying that cream for 3 months and spending ten thousand rupees, not an inch of the dark patches decreased. 

One of my husband’s relatives visited my home and advised me of a home remedy. I had to take some turmeric sticks, dry them, and grind them into fine powder. Every night before going to bed, I had to mix a pinch of the turmeric powder with coconut oil for 2-3 minutes with my finger. I then had to apply the paste on my face and leave it for 15 minutes, wipe it with a wet wipe or wet cloth, and not wash the face until morning. Initially, I ignored her suggestion as I thought adding oil to my already oily skin would invite pimples. However, my husband insisted I try the remedy. I complied with it, and as suggested, I followed the regime every night for a month. Surprisingly, the melasma was healed completely, and my skin glowed within 2 months of applying the paste. This paste has done wonders for me, and I hope it works for you too.   

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