Flaxseed (Alasi): 20 Reasons Why It Is A Super Ingredient

Flaxseed (Alasi): 20 Reasons Why It Is A Super Ingredient

With the advent of health consciousness , one of the seeds that are gaining too much importance is Flax seeds or Alasi. This powerful plant seeds reduce the risk of heart diseases,stroke,diabetes,cancer and are good source of healthy fibre,fats and anti oxidants.Their beauty and health Benefits too catches eye over them.

 Flax seeds: What are they?

Flax seeds,sometimes called linseed ,are small ,brown,tan or golden coloured seeds that are the richest source of a plant based OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS,called Alpha linoleic acid(ALA) in the world.They have been consumed as food for around 6000 years and may have very well been the world’s first cultivated product.

 Nutritional Facts About Flax seeds

When we look at the nutritional benefits of flax seeds ,they definitely catches one’s eye over it* Omega-3, Fibre, Protein,Vitamin B1, Manganese, Magnesium, Phosphorous,SeleniumAlso, they contain good amount of Vitamin BY,Iron,Potassium ,Copper and Zinc.These nutritional content makes flaxseeds most nutrient dense food in planet.

Why Is it A Super Healthy

1. Low in Carbs, High in fibre

Flax seeds contain high content of mucilage gum content . Mucilage is a gel forming fibre that is water soluble and has incredible effects on intestinal tract. It increases nutritional absorption by emptieng food from stomach to small intestine in very shirt span.

2. Healthy Skin and hair

The ALA fats in them benefits the skin and hair by providing them essential fats as well as B vitamins which help reducing dryness and flakiness. Also improves symptoms of Acne,rosacea and eczema.Either consume internally or can be mixed with natural skin moisturiser or essential oils.

3. Weight Loss

This acts as important weight loss remedy as high fibre content makes you feel satisfied for longer time which overall leads to the loss of calories per day.Add couple of teaspoons to soups,salads or smoothies.

4. Lowers Cholesterol

The soluble fibre content of flax seeds trap fat and Cholesterol in the digestive system so that it is unable to be absorbed and hence naturally reduces the Cholesterol levels in blood.

5. Gluten free

Best replacement for inflammatory gluten grains . They ate best substitutes for those who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

6. Anti Oxidants

Amongst the othe rinctedible nutritional Facts they also act as anti Oxidants. Unique fibre- related polyphenols benefits in anti ageing,hormone balance and cellular growth.

7. Menopausal symptoms

Flaxseeds also have been seen effective in menopausal women. It can be used as alternative hormone replacement therapy because log and have estrogenic properties. Also helps in maintaining regular media in menstruating ladies .

8. High in Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega acids are richest source of healthy fats. They have Omega content equal to fish oil and supplies rich source of nutrition to the body of consumed on regular basis.

9. For Cancer

Flaxseeds benefits have been proven time and time again and even including fighting breast cancer,ovarian cancer and colon cancer.Anti oxidants found in flaxseeds can be converted into useful bacteria’s which reduce the risk of breast cancer. Journal of Clinical Cancer Research proves it.

10. Digestive health

Flacseed’s high soluble and insoluble fibres promotes digestion in body by helping necessary stuff to absorb as quickly as possible and transfer it’s content from stomach to small intestine ,hence promoting the digestion on much better way.

11. Flaxseeds as Face Masks

Along with nutritional benefits flaxseeds occupy beauty forums too. They act as vegan substitute  for eggs.Powdering them very finely and mixing them with other beauty enhancers like honey ,aloe and masking face for 15 to 20 minutes helps the brightening and softening of skin.

12. Beneficial for People with diabetes

Consuming flaxseeds improve blood sugar levels on diabetes due to presence of lignin. This is low glycemic food and helps stabilizing suger levels for quite longer times.

13. Skin healing

Presence of Omega 3 makes flax seeds anti inflammatory ,hence they help in skin irritation,skin rashes,reddishness. Apart from that they also prevent forming free radicals in body which lead to formation of malignant cancerous cells in body.

14. Keeps Skin moisturised

Presence of Fatty acids keeps Skin moisturised and hydrated . It’s intake improves the body oil production and the presence of Fatty acids keeps Skin smooth and soft. They are generally used in moisturisers to keep irritants away . Prevents water loss.

********Especially for Kids**********

15. Makes Tingling Recipes

We can substitute flax seeds for flour int he preparation of muffins,bread,pancakes and waffles. If the recipe calls for 2 or more cups of flour ,replace about 1/4th or 1/2 cup of flour with ground flaxseeds.

16. Boosts Immunity

The ALA from Omega 3 works along side anti oxidants to affect the White blood cells that help the immune system,fighting against various diseases and infections. Adding flaxseeds to your child’s diet can help strengthen and develop their body’s defence system.

17. Reduce Fatigue

Keeping kid’s body charges and fuelled throughout the day is bog challenge for every mother. Adding flaxseeds in their fruit juices or sweets or home made cookies can help them reduce their Fatigue and tiredness all along the day.

18. Muscle and Bone development

Flaxseeds is great source of protein and contributes a lot to the proper development and maintenance of muscles and normal bones. Along with that it helps repairing tissues and cells along the fast pace.

19. Brain Development

Alpha linoleic acid,building block for Omega 3 Fatty acids improve batain functioning in kids and stimulates the healthy development of brain and eye tissues. It’s inflammatory properties reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis,migraine and childhood asthama in children.

20. Reduce Hypertension and Depression

Flaxseeds act as perfect anti depressants . Also it helps regulating the normal blood pressure levels and helps literally treating the headaches associated with Hypertension .

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