The World's Rarest Flower Blooms in My Garden - My Middlemist Red!

The World’s Rarest Flower Blooms in My Garden – My Middlemist Red!

“A bud of Middlemist Red”, thought the gardener, I am sure to be dreaming.
The rarest flower of the world was about to bloom in his garden. In his euphoria, he was convinced that the green house was the best place for it, but what he missed on was that spring had already set in.
Nurturing and providing for the plant, he started anticipating the most extraordinary flower, that anyone would have ever seen in the neighbourhood or even in the city. It saw many a dusks and dawns but remained dormant.
Dejected, the gardener decided to clear the greenhouse for the summer plantation and kept the Middlemist Red outside.
Yes! Outside the greenhouse, where it always belonged. The next dawn saw a beautiful pink flower blooming – the rare Middlemist Red.
As a parent, as a gardener, I look carefully and ardently at the buds blooming in my garden – the kids born to me, and these thoughts cross my mind –
1. Should their environment be shaded or sunny?
2. Should watering be more or less?
3. Will manuring be better monthly or every fortnight?
4. Weeding, pruning, and so much more
Yes, these are all part of my loyalties to this amazing being! And, as these buds blossom into beautiful flowers, I let my observations, prudence, and consciousness blossom too.
To all my dear fellow gardeners, here’s a quick checklist for the changing times of COVID. Ask yourself if this lockdown has –
1. Taken away some notable passion from your kid, for example, a guitar class he/she loved, evening football coaching, the weekend theatre sessions, etc
2. Distanced them emotionally from a special friend or a doting relative. Their weekend pampering by grandparents, those little yet very significant chit chats with friends in the school bus, that smile/pat on the back by their favourite teacher in school, etc.
3. Created separation from a practice or food they loved. For example, visiting a holy place, a favourite game at the play-area, pizzas from somewhere or a milkshake from the other.
4. Introduced them to a parent, they had never met before, such as an anxious, depressed, over-cautious, time-pressed mother, or an agonized, quarrelsome and discouraged father.
With love and mindfulness, may you help your buds bloom. May you bring that magic to your Middlemist Red!

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