Rashes! A Big Concern. Say No to Rashes Forever and Be a Super Mom.

The first concern of any new mother is how to protect their newborn from diaper rashes(quite obvious as a new mother you want your baby to be happy always).

In this concern new mother end up using cloth nappies for babies which is also a good option but nowadays diapers are also considered equally good.

Indeed it is a topic of concern and is extremely painful for the newborn who gets rashes frequently.
But some of the tips mentioned below can help one to get rid of rashes forever.
  1. Use good quality diaper and the one which is fitting and suiting the baby well (don’t buy local brands or non trusted brands as it can contain harmful chemicals and can hurt baby’s cute little bums)
  2. Change the diaper immediately if you sense it’s soiled or urinated (don’t wait for hours to change the diaper.At night you can avoid changing the diaper until it’s soiled)
  3. Now while changing the diaper make sure you clean the area well with baby wipes or with warm water using cotton.
  4. Now allow the area to dry completely. This you can check using an organic tissue paper as well (I personally do this for my baby).
  5. Once the area dries completely apply virgin coconut oil ( better than rash creams) on the sides and area where baby gets rashes often.
  6. Make sure you apply with oil or cream with clean and washed hands or use cotton balls for the same.
  7. Now place the new diaper and check if the sides are bit loose and baby is comfortable.
Note: To avoid rashes first try to purchases all the different brands of diaper available in the market and a size bigger. Check which one is suiting the baby best and keep using the same brand so that baby is comfortable and happy wearing them.
Believe it or not, the above-mentioned steps will not only heal the rashes but also will say goodbye to rashes forever.
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