Giving Babies Homemade Food From Beginning Keeps Them Away From Junk food

Giving Babies Homemade Food From Beginning Keeps Them Away From Junk food

Mothers should give homemade food from the beginning of their solid intake journey, in this way they will not get affected by junk food or packed preserved a mother I have not given my baby salt and sugar for one year, afterward my baby doesn’t loves to have sugary food. I have never him chocolates ,so he doesn’t know the flavour once my relative offered him the chocolate he refused. Every mother should try this, hopefully our babies will not get the habit of junkies (the main reason of obesity & many diseases)

India has become the leading country for the highest rate of obesity, our TV shows hundreds of advertisements of packed food & we easily get affected by that. we can offer babies the family food (minus chilly in the beginning) in the starting baby will take only few bites or will only taste (no tension because till 1 year breastfeed is the only source of their nutrition) we should keep offering them until they dont accept they wil start chewiing as their gums are very strong, but perfectly chewing will start after their molars will come..

We should avoid giving them more rice & we should give them more green vegetables, a plate full of nutrition. Try to avoid sugary food.
We should offer them whole fruit rather only juice it will make them chew & babies should be self fed from the starting u can buy booster chairs, using booster chair from starting makes them sit in one place from the starting and give them their plate, in starting they will do experiments from their food, have patience babies are learong the texture of the food, how to eat & many more. Pateince is the master key for every mother, if u show patience today you will see the results tomorrow. You  will proudly say my baby doesn’t accept junk food or packet food & prefers family food only.

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