Mental Health: Detox Your Mind and Stay Healthy

Mental Health: Detox Your Mind and Stay Healthy

Our mind is not a physical prison. We can escape the prison of the mind, and can create space for positive thoughts and ideas to grow, and live a happy, care-free life.

Most of us are working out regularly, tending to our physical wellbeing, but we are ignoring the major aspect of our health, that is mental health.

Each morning we are born again. We start feeding our anxiety, worry, panic, fear, pride, ego, and rejection, which can lead to lack of focus and stress, as well as health issues.

Just like we opt for a detox diet to flush out the toxins from the body, it’s necessary to flush out the toxins from our mind. Certain changes in lifestyle can have a positive impact on our mind and health.

Here are 10 ways to detox your mind:

1. Spend Time Outdoors.
Spending time outside increases the energy level of mind and body. It even improves physical and mental health. It is the easiest way to detox and relax.

2. Spend Sometime Without Technology.
Sometimes, it’s important to spend some time without the phone, laptop, and TV, and focus on smaller things in life. Watch a sunset, and spend time with family.

3. Meditate.
The human mind is referred to as a monkey mind. Meditation is the way to detox the mind and calm the monkey mind. It helps in enhancing the ability to focus.

4. Drink Enough Water.
Dehydration in the body can lead to stress. Our body and brain need water to function properly. Slight dehydration can affect the mood!

5. Get Enough Sleep.
Getting enough sleep is one of the natural ways to detox yourself. Enough sleep can range from 7 to 9 hours. Stress and anxiety are the culprits behind lack of sleep.

6. Spend Time With Yourself.
Spend time with yourself, ask questions to yourself. Be honest with yourself, and identify  the problems arising externally and internally.

7. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others.
Start focusing on what you love, or what others love, about you. Your soul will feel more happy.

8. Examine Your Diet.
You can’t feed your mind properly if you’re not feeding your body. Examine your diet and cut out junk. Avoiding sugar and alcohol will make you feel better physically and mentally.

9. Start Saying No.
You can’t please everyone, and rather than being overbooked and overwhelmed, say no to non-essential work and to people who are not adding anything positive to your life.

10. Cleanse Your Mind.
Try to free yourself from the past or things that bother you. It is very important to take action and get rid of thoughts that are a sink in the mind.

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