Revised Sense of Taste and Smell During First Trimester of Pregnancy

Revised Sense of Taste and Smell During First Trimester of Pregnancy

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My wife developed an all new sense of taste and smell in her first trimester, and somewhat in second trimester of her pregnancy. The tastes she used to like, which I could cook for her earlier, seemed nauseous for her now. Even just the smell of any kind of food cooking used to be torture for her. Some particular smell and taste she used to cherish, like apples, bottle gourd etc., and the tastes she used to like, like cheese and some seasonal vegetables, became a no-no. The best way is to consume food one likes, and in frequent and small proportions. Both the macro nutrients and micro nutrients should be kept in well-balanced proportions.

She used to have mood swings as well. Even very small things sometimes made her cry. With the lockdown especially, the mood swings might become more prevalent in some cases. We should take care that the pregnant mother is well understood and taken care of, both physically and emotionally. There is not always a logic to every action or reaction during pregnancy. And they are what are called as mood swings. Moreover, every pregnancy is different and should be understood well and given due attention.

The second trimester, as generally said, is the best part of pregnancy. The mother can enjoy going for a walk, and cook and eat what she likes, and enjoy the time. This is the time we should plan for all the shopping and sufficing the needs of the near future when the parents are expected to be busy.

We also booked for the delivery, and enquired for the maids at this time which will help. One can enquire for offers available at this time, which may also cover the expenses during pregnancy.

The third trimester is still awaited!

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