The Journey of a Superwoman - My Experiences and Learning

The Journey of a Superwoman – My Experiences and Learning

Hi mommies, Every mom has a story to tell. Life is not all about comforts, it’s about making yourself comfortable in the tiny moments. I am not saying that I am a ‘superwoman’, but yes, I am the woman who is proud to be herself. My unique journey started when my son came into my life, and my husband got transferred to Delhi. It was a challenge for me to handle both the kids – my 8-year-old daughter and my newborn son. I am sharing my experience, feelings, and all that I learnt along the way.

1. Stay Calm

There were times when I felt that my hubby should be here with me, and that’s when I realised the importance of staying calm. As the day started, my job began. Now, I’m an expert in making chapatis with one hand. While the baby is fast asleep, I used to meditate for 10 minutes. It is beneficial. Another situation of panic was when the baby was not well. The solution? Get to know some basic home remedies and take a deep breath.

2. Plan Your Day

Most of the times, I plan my day according to my lil one’s needs. So keep his routine in mind and plan your day accordingly. I know his play-time, nap-time and bath-time, so I set up my routine as per his requirements.

3. Keep the Doctor’s Number Handy

You can’t give medicines to your little one for every small change. But when the situation arrives, handle it patiently. Keep monitoring your child’s behaviour. Most importantly, talk to your doctor. I am blessed with a wonderful doctor who guides me in every situation of trouble.

4. Learn from Your Children

It’s not only parents who give values to their kids. Kids are great mentors too! They teach us the importance of being happy, creative, patient, and so much more. Learn all that you can by observing your children.

5. Cherish every moment

After a hectic schedule, I used to spend some quality time with my kids. Games like peek-a-boo, hide and seek, clapping and a lot more. I enjoyed their reactions, and it filled my heart with joy.

6. Let the Siblings Bond

My son has a smart and caring sister. He always feels comfortable with her. She happily helps him with so many things. They share a beautiful relationship.

7. Stay Focused/Prioritise Your Duties

Since I am working mom, sitting at home is not easy. But again, priorities matter! As of now, my priority is to treasure these moments, because these won’t last forever. So love the way you are and enjoy the situation you are in.

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