Try This Korean Skincare Regime To Get Glass-like Skin

Try This Korean Skincare Regime To Get Glass-like Skin

The Korean skincare regime has become a global sensation. Korean women are often called ‘glass beauties’ because of the glass-like transparency of their skin. Besides genetics, their skincare regime is a prominent contributory. Here are some beauty tips that you can follow too!

1. Oil-based Cleanser

Irrespective of your skin-type, you should clean your skin with milk or baby oil. This forms a base on your skin, so when you use a face wash in the next step, the harsh effects of using something soapy are reduced, and the skin is deeply cleansed.

2. Water-based Cleanser

Use a deep cleansing face wash in case your skin is oily, or a mild face wash in case of dry skin. This cleans any dirt and makeup from your face thoroughly.

3. Toning

After cleansing, always use a toner to close any open pores. Open pores lead to acne, pimples, uneven skin tone and other skin problems.

4. Under-eye Cream

An under-eye cream is a must because you should not use regular creams or packs under the eyes. The skin there is sensitive and needs extra care. It is essential for pregnant women or new mothers to use an under-eye cream because they are often seen struggling with sleep.

5. Serum

A serum goes under the skin and forms a layer so that a moisturiser or sunscreen work well. It brightens up your skin and is a prominent step of this Korean skin regime. So don’t skip this step.

6. A moisturiser with SPF/Sunscreen

Moisturising and protecting your skin from harmful sun radiations is something you should do even if you are staying at home. So using a moisturiser with SPF is recommended. You can apply a tinted sunscreen before going out.

7. Night Cream with Facial Oil

Before going to bed, follow the first five steps mentioned above and then apply a proper night cream with or without facial oil to repair any damage done during the day.

Follow these steps daily and see the difference for yourself. Besides, use a scrub and a face pack twice a week and get good steam too. No other facial will work as well as this Korean skincare regime. Give it a try and see the difference in few days.

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