Pre-natal Care: A Healthy Mother Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby

Pre-natal Care: A Healthy Mother Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby

A warm hello to all the strong mothers and to-be mothers out there!

Every pregnant lady wants to deliver a healthy and strong baby. Pre-natal care is important where a pregnant mother takes care of her diet, exercise, regular health check-ups, medicines, mental, emotional and physical well being.

DIET- Eating protein, iron and calcium-rich foods improve the immunity of both the pregnant mother and the growing baby. It helps to have a healthy baby weight at the time of delivery. Proteins are obtained from chicken, eggs, fish, seeds, nuts and all pulses like rajma, chole, chana and moong. Iron from green leafy vegetables like palak, sarso and methi, jaggery, beetroot and pomegranate. Calcium from milk, curd, paneer, cheese and all milk-based products.

EXERCISE- Walking for 20 minutes and more daily in the morning and before going to bed increases the chances of a normal delivery. Breathing exercises including Pranayam increases the oxygen levels in the body. Squats aid in opening up of the body for delivery. Kegel exercises help in strengthening the pelvic muscles.

MEDICINES- Taking Iron, Calcium and Vitamin supplements prescribed by the doctor helps the body in improving the immunity and removing any deficiencies. Regular health check-ups should be done during all the three trimesters to monitor the health of the pregnant mother. Ultrasounds help to determine the level of growth of the baby.

DISCIPLINE- Setting up a time-table for the day helps the pregnant mother to find some quality time for herself where she can pursue her creativity. Getting up and sleeping on time is beneficial. Completing all regular and necessary chores around the house allows the pregnant mother to remain active throughout pregnancy.

TAKE HELP- Sharing emotional and physical changes taking place during the course of pregnancy with the husband and builds a bond between the to-be parents. Taking guidance and help from family members and friends allows the pregnant mother to be prepared beforehand and not get stressed.

Most important thing is to develop a happy state of mind and positive outlook throughout pregnancy. Relax and pamper yourself from time to time. Just smile and think of the day when your beautiful bundle of joy will be in your hands.

Because a happy and healthy mother gives birth to a happy and healthy baby!’

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