Importance of Basic Prenatal Tests in Pregnancy and Childbirth

Importance of Basic Prenatal Tests in Pregnancy and Childbirth

I enjoyed my first pregnancy journey, and we were blessed with a healthy baby boy. After 5 years, I was pregnant again. I initially enjoyed my pregnancy, like the baby movements in my womb, and my nausea was also less as compared to the first pregnancy. When I went to get the TIFFA scan at the start of my 6th month, the doctor asked me for the test reports of the NT scan and dual marker tests that predict some genetic disorders of the fetus. I said I skipped those tests.

They finished my scans, and found EIF (echogenic cardiac foci), a calcium deposit on the baby’s heart. Then, the whole story changed. My happiness vanished, but the doctor said it is okay, because there is only a minor relationship with genetic disorders. To rule out the problem, the NT scan and dual marker test reports should be there, but as I had skipped those tests, it was difficult to say anything. There was no peace in my heart, and my days after that were spent in fear and restlessness, kneeling in prayer to my God, which was the only thing I could do at that stage.

Then, I reached the 9th month, and again went through the anomaly scan. They said they have doubts about the baby’s brain development, and that’s when I felt completely lost and cried onto my God till my delivery. I went for a second consultation to a fetal medicine expert, and they also said that they can’t predict the outcome at that stage, and we should be prepared for a safe delivery at complete term.

But, God made a miracle, and blessed us with a healthy baby boy. I would like to say that please don’t ignore the basic prenatal tests during the early stages of pregnancy. I don’t want any other parent to suffer like me during their pregnancy journey, and maybe, this story will be helpful and give hope to those facing the same path. And finally, I thank FirstCry, for the opportunity given to post my story.

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