When Can Husband and Others Feel Unborn Baby’s Kick or Move?

When can husband feel baby kick

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It fills a pregnant mother with great excitement when she is able to feel the baby move. The tiny little movements are an indication that your baby is developing inside and it brings you much closer to the little life inside you. While initial movements may be felt around the 20th week, it takes about 24 weeks to begin realizing that the baby is moving, and that’s when you want to share your experience with others. You need to wait until your baby grows a few more weeks, and reaches around 28 to 32 weeks of age, when others too can feel the movement if they put their hands on your belly – the right moment and right spot count too!

When Can Your Husband or Others Feel Baby’s Move?

When a mother senses the life growing inside her, it lets her tune in completely into her pregnancy. Halfway through the second trimester, her question regarding when her partner can feel the baby move can be answered. As it is generally seen that each pregnancy is unique, the activity level and the thickness of the abdominal wall determine when the partner will be able to feel the baby kick. You may begin to feel the movement quite early, but your husband or others can feel the move only when the baby grows bigger.

Husband feeling unborn baby kick

Factors that Prevent Others from Feeling the Baby Move

The early kicks of the baby are very subtle and quite indistinguishable. But as the pregnancy progresses, several factors are responsible for the movements to be noticeable outside the belly.

1. The Weight of the Mom-to-be

The movement of the baby should be strong and exaggerated to be felt outside. If the mom-to-be is overweight or if her midsection has extra weight, it will be harder to detect a kicking baby.

2. The Position of the Baby

If the baby is facing outward, it is easier to feel the movements. However, if the baby is facing inward, then his kicks and jabs are difficult to notice. You will need to wait until the baby tries to change her position.

3. The Location of the Placenta

If the placenta is placed behind the uterus (posterior placenta) it will be easier to feel the baby kicks, but if the placenta is positioned between the wall of the belly and the baby, it becomes difficult for others to feel the movements of the baby.

Tips to Get Your Baby to Move So Others Can Feel it from the Outside

Some tricks are given here to make your baby kick so that your partner and children can share the delight:

  • The mom-to-be should eat something sweet or drink milk or orange juice. The extra blood sugar will wake up the baby in response. Just a few minutes later you may find the baby move.
  • The baby wakes up and moves if the pregnant mother has a glass of icy cold water.
  • Sometimes the baby kicks very hard when the expectant mom listens to some good music. They are able to hear music even inside the womb. They hear the heartbeat of the mom and also respond if the music is loud.
  • If the would-be mom presses on one side of her belly, then sometimes, the baby presses back.
  • If the mom-to-be changes her position and lies on her back or belly for a brief duration, then the baby too tries to adjust accordingly and starts kicking and jabbing.

Pregnant woman holding tummy

Taking Care While Allowing Others to Feel The Kick /Move

Every baby moves and makes his presence known uniquely. They determine their own level of fetal activity. In the initial period, the unborn baby’s movements are not strong enough, but by the end of the second trimester, the movements become quite strong. Curious kids would want to feel the kicks repeatedly, but moms should be careful about keeping them at bay. The movement of the baby is sporadic, and sometimes it might seem that the baby is trying to avoid being touched by others. Patience is required as even the slightest careless move can harm the baby in the womb.

The peak of excitement is felt by mothers when the baby starts twisting, punching, wriggling, moving and kicking in the womb. You almost feel like sharing the feel with your partner and close ones. Some moms are able to feel the flutter or bubble pretty early, and some experience it as the pregnancy progresses. Expectant moms should be very careful when others try to feel the baby moves and also remain watchful about the regularity of the movements.

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