Year 2020... Was Deplorable Yet Second Bite of the Cherry!

Year 2020… Was Deplorable Yet Second Bite of the Cherry!

The 21st year of the 21st century 2021 will come tomorrow! It is not coming alone but bringing along new horizons in everyone’s eyes! This new year is special because it’s apparent that the topmost thing in everyone’s new year wish list is the one and only COVID-19 vaccine. This COVID vaccine or its cure is something where the desire of a rich man meets with the poor. Yes, LIFE and DEATH is one thing which is the same to all and beautifully hides all the differences of mankind.

The year 2020 is now fading slowly and becoming invisible in the darkness of this night but it is stealing away the smiles of children, the dreams in the eyes, the sacrifices of many, the dear ones in families, the hopes of many people, the desires of teenagers, the love of elders and much more. This year brought us the deadly virus and loss of many lives, loss in business, joblessness, confinement and mental stress. But they say, not only this, it has given us a year to learn how to struggle, how important is cleanliness and maintaining hygiene, how to be alert and prepared for any unforeseen situation, how to explore new
opportunities, embracing technologies helped many to survive, how to help each other, loving the nature again, the value of food & water, the importance of all kind of work and people doing it, saving and avoiding unwanted expenses, how to live with only necessities, grand arrangements at marriage is just a waste of money, wearing makeup is just masking your natural beauty, how important is family and how much we need each others time, how we can help ourself and unite to do all work at home together, how much children as well elders are important for a happy family. It has also helped to end the myths in many minds that only the door to God’s temple is the place to worship but open the door of your hearts to connect to the power above. It has given us that special time we may have not got until now to spend with our near ones so far in this human rat race, the patience to bear everything and anything, to not only love yourself but everyone around you and above all the importance of LIFE!

The expert or a common man can have thousands of words to debate on this but no one can get a chance again to sail through the storms of this year. Wrapped in its memories some say goodbye to it with a heavy heart as for them it has just brought a year full of struggle and tears, the separation of loved ones but for some, a year which has taught the
lessons of life and they managed to move ahead. We hope the new year comes with colours to fill in everyone’s life but the year 2020 will be the one to be in memories for ages and will have many stories untold!

Goodbye year 2020!

31st December 2020

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