Being Mommies: An Awesome Feeling, and the Greatest Right of Women!

Being Mommies: An Awesome Feeling, and the Greatest Right of Women!

Being a mom, mother, mommy, aayi, etc. is the greatest feeling, and has some of the most awesome moments of every woman’s life. Being a mother is as if another life has been given to a lady.

My experience has been really awesome. I am the mommy of a 15-day-old baby boy. I am a first time mother. The day I got to know that I was pregnant, it was really an unforgettable day of my life. I was on cloud 9. The care that we got from our family was amazing. My parents, especially, fulfilled all my wishes during my pregnancy. My mom made me eat many varieties of food daily for a healthy diet.

I can say, the moment a child is born, a mother is also born. When I heard the tiny heart beats for the first time, it was wonderful. I felt like a little king was growing inside my womb. His little kicks were playful, which never allowed me to sleep at night.
Motherhood is the greatest and the hardest thing, which all women should taste. When you hold your baby in your arms, it makes love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, the home happier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.
A child is the most beautiful gift given by God. It was the most magical, awesome, and great moment when I officially became a Mother for the first time, on 23/12/20. I am the proud mother of a little king. The moment I became a Mother, my purpose turned into loving and protecting my Prince with everything I have.
The sweet smell of a baby is one of the best smells in the whole world. And, when he falls asleep in your arms, it gives you one of the sweetest and most peaceful feelings in the world.
There are some things in my life I have taken for granted, but the opportunity and ability to be a mommy will never be one of them.

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