Breastfeeding - An Irreplaceable Bond Between a Mother and Child

Breastfeeding – An Irreplaceable Bond Between a Mother and Child

During my pregnancy days, I used to think a lot about breastfeeding and had read many articles on it. I used to think about how women can handle sleepless nights like those and still be standing up the next morning, running errands all day? But after becoming a mom, I got all the answers. No matter how you feel or how your health is, the most important thing to you will be your baby; this relationship will get stronger by the day through breastfeeding!

The bond that a mom and child create during the breastfeeding period is a precious one that is irreplaceable. Having your child so close to you makes them feel secure, safe, content, happy, and most importantly, loved. This period will come to an end one day, and a mom will miss these moments. So, cherish these moments and make ample use of them. Nurture your child with love.
My baby is 8 months old and I have always supported the lying down position while feeding, no matter what time of day it is. If you take proper care and precautions, it won’t affect your baby. They will not have any ear infections or chances of getting SIDs. Some steps I follow are:
  1. Lie down on your side and have a thin pillow under your neck that can give your chest an upward position so your baby does not suffocate.
  1. Always have a cloth handy by your side so you can wipe your baby’s face once they are done, so there is no chance of milk entering their ears.
  1. Feed at the same place everyday, whether it is day or night, as it helps develop a habit of understanding that it is feeding time in your baby. Once I’m done with my work, I take her in my room and she immediately understands that it’s feeding time – she lies down in her place by herself.

Support breastfeeding and encourage breastfeeding. Help women in public places rather than staring at them! Be human, and show humanity.

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