Ishq-e-Mahboob - Beginning of the Love between Mother and Son

Ishq-e-Mahboob – Beginning of the Love between Mother and Son

Let me tell you all a secret today. I am “Ishqe-Mehboob” to my son Rayyan. A 4-year-old boy. One day he saw our wedding photo and felt jealous of his dad. Standing in a corner with watery eyes, he asked me “Mamma where was I in your shadi?”. I was like, my baby, Mamma can’t marry you, I can only love u. He replied, but I love u sabse zyada; even more than Abba”. The bond which a mother shares with her son teaches him a lot. This love is their insecurity so we, mothers, should take advantage of this and mould them into good human beings. Teach them how to love and how to be loved. Maintain a transparent relationship with them.

I have developed a strong relationship with my son. I show him nakhre tantrums n all. Kabi ruthna kabi manana. My son is very aggressive and stubborn because of being the first and only grandchild of the house. So I face a lot of his tantrums too. When I have to make him do anything or wanna teach him manners or  class, I make upset faces, emotionally blackmail him, ki if you’re not listening to me I will cry, I will be upset I won’t talk to you, you don’t love me n all. And he can’t see me like this; just in a minute, he follows my instructions. So dear mommies, try to develop this nok-jhok relation with your son. It really works.

One day we went for shopping and he was like “game parlour jana hai” Zid pe ad gaya. And started shouting. This was the first misbehaviour he did in front of everyone. And I just walked away, stood in a corner watching him and at last, he came following me. So at the same time, be a little strict but never insult him publicly. They can’t bear that especially boys, you know “ego hurts”. So after coming back home, I discussed that awkward suitation and made him realise that he has insulted me in public. What everyone will say now “How’s ur momma, what has she taught you” and from that day he is like a good baby to me. Now he can’t afford anyone to say bad about his mamma?. Dear mommies, your children are your jewels; wear them always with care and they will always add beauty to your life.

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