Why Playing is the Most Important Part of Development in a Child

Why Playing is the Most Important Part of Development in a Child

Playing as we all know is one of the most interesting activity a child likes to indulge in. In earlier times, kids use to spend their evenings playing with their friends. But in today’s time, as we all know, playing has a new meaning i.e., it means playing on the mobile.We all have faced this situation where however hard we try to reduce screen time for our kids it does not happen. In the end, they are with their gadgets!

So here I am listing down the importance of playing without gadgets.

1. It makes the bond between your child and others stronger.

If we are not playing with our kids and just giving them gadgets, then the bond between the child and her parents gets weaker. But when you spend time playing with your child, you get more time with each other and you understand each other in a better way.

2. Your child becomes fit physically.

It is a universal fact that if we don’t use a thing then the thing becomes rotten. Similarly, if we don’t allow our child to play outside in the garden or the jungle gym then slowly and gradually the child becomes lethargic and feels lazy. This leads to obesity. Obesity does not just have physical side-effects but it can also lead to your child feeling mentally depressed and losing self-confidence.

3. Your child becomes social.

We as parents should always take our time and take kids outside, like to parks or gardens, where they’ll get to be close to nature, and meet new people and play with them. When we do this the child learns different things from people around her and also learns the concept of sharing, which helps the child become happy and content.

And in the end, the most important aspect is that the child gets to know the real world and real things by touching and feeling it which is a crucial part of development.So, reduce your child’s screen time and encourage them to go out and play.

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