Life in a Nuclear Family and Joint Family - the Differences

Life in a Nuclear Family and Joint Family – the Differences

In this modern era, mostly everyone chooses to be a part of a nuclear family. They are more capable of handling responsibilities on their own. Since they need to take care of each other (as partners), they become even more strong enough to lead the family. Unlike the joint family, there is a greater degree of freedom for spouses in the nuclear family. The status of the woman is higher and she takes up all the responsibilities of her home by herself. A nuclear family is that which consists of just a father, mother and their children, also called a typical family. The loving partners model a caring and supportive relationship for their children. This translates into future successes when children learn how to seek positive relationships and interact well with others. Children see partners work together to solve problems, carry out household responsibilities, and support each another through positive and negative issues.A successful nuclear family provides children with consistency. Children who have both stability and consistency in their lives are more likely to exhibit positive behaviour. The nuclear family may eat dinner together on a regular basis, and take family vacations which strengthens relationships and builds a solid foundation for future life goals.Nuclear families tend to establish stronger bonds as they work together for the family and rely on each other to overcome challenges. Nuclear families face obstacles wherein they learn to solve problems together and support each other emotionally. The drawback of a nuclear family is that the members miss out on all the advantages of joint living, wherein the whole family’s support will be there, your children will be loved and cared for by their grandparents. But the major drawback of joint family is that the weight of the family is heavy on young couples who hardly have the space to cultivate a conjugal bond. It hinders the process of individual freedom.

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