Nepotism : A Hyped Word Today. Can It Really Be Eradicated?

Nepotism : A Hyped Word Today. Can It Really Be Eradicated?

Nepotism is a word which in recent days has captured so much of limelight that one has to drill down as to what it is and how is it relevant to us as a society.

Considering all of us know the meaning of it, I would just like to ask each one of us going through the post to think if it can really be eradicated? And are we not the ones who would ever be a participant in the journey of nepotism?

It’s really very easy to say that people should stop nepotism and also stop targeting certain sectors and people, but does that means it would help to eradicate it all over? Alas, ‘no’ would be the only answer we will all get.
As we too are a part and participant of it when it comes to our own favour. Will we never want our kids or loved ones to get the best, or a favour if that leads to less struggle, less hard work and more fame? Surely, we would as that is how people can think of succeeding with minimum efforts and to earn lots of money, which is not even wrong as today the world is just like a race to earn money.

So what I think is that we should stop all this criticism related to a particular sector, industry or people. Rather we should focus on self-evolution and making ourselves strong from within to face whatever comes our way, as we can get fame through nepotism but it will only be our good work which would be paying us lifelong.
Just being happy, contented and safe along with the feeling of love and care towards others will make this world a better place to live in and not the hatred going around.

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