Depression: A Growing Mental Health Issue Today

Depression: A Growing Mental Health Issue Today

ŚIt is truly said, life is a one-time journey; live it to the fullest, enjoy every moment, spread love, not hatred. But, our lifestyle these days have made everything digitalised. No one has time for the other. Parents, siblings, family, friends everyone is so busy on their own. We now prefer a “self” life rather than a selfless life. Indeed, in this hectic world, at times, we do not have time for our own self. We are made to live lonely lives sometimes, and we don’t even bother to have anyone with whom we can share our thoughts, and that is what kills.

When we are lonely, there’s a tendency to have negative thoughts. We focus on all the bad things happening around us, and this is what draws us in the darkness of depression wherein we feel everyone around is an enemy or an intruder, and also consider our existence worthless. Succumbing to the feelings of worthlessness, some of us take drastic steps; as foolish as losing our lives. This happens just because we get so obsessed with ourselves and think there is nothing left around. So, we stop sharing, stop talking, and this leads to a tragic end, which no one would have ever thought of.

Depression really kills and in case somewhere somehow you feel you are on the verge of getting into it then please call for help.

Here are some points I have learnt from life, and I surely feel, if we do apply these to our day-to-day life, we can fight this evil together.

  1. Love yourself first.
  2. Reach out for help if you need it.
  3. Don’t just have one or two friends, make many friends. One best friend at times might be busy to take out time for you so have options everywhere in life.
  4. Friends come and go. So, at least have one such person you can chit chat with and share all your petty things in life in every phase/stage of your life. The person should have a positive aura, and he/she should motivate you, and make you feel happy and comfortable. 
  5. Watch a movie, play a game, plan your things to divert and move away from that stupid depressing phase. Remember that life has ups and downs. Mood swings too are normal.
  6. Try to be as much communicative as you can be.
  7. Try to express rather than impress.
  8. If married, share everything with your partner, be it love or hate or anything depressing you. Call or shout out loud.
  9. Be patient towards yourself first then towards others.
  10. Talk… talk… talk… call… call.. call… and just remember that if you do not have any friend, sibling, or anyone to talk to, there will still be someone always available for you “your parents”. Talk to them. Remember, they are the ones who know you inside out and will help you at any phase of life.

Life is precious; live it for every moment. Good or bad, sad or happy, whatever and however it is, it is just yours.

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