Some Hair Care Tips for Moms

Some Hair Care Tips for Moms

Some of the Hair Care Tips for You Moms are

1. Eating healthy food

Eating healthy food is very important to keep your body healthy and  hair healthy. Eat alot of fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, eggs and fishes, and dry fruits. Include a glass of milk as well in your diet.

2. Keeping your body hydrated by drinking lot of water

Drink water to keep your body hydrated.

3. Washing hair

Washing your hair every alternate day or altleast twice a week is good or depending on you have very dry hair or very oily hair you can wash your hair as required.

4. Oiling and massaging the roots and scalp

You can oil your hair a night before washing your hair or some hours before washing your hair. Aplly oil and massage your scalp gently.

You can use moisturizing hair masks assembly to keep your scalp moisturized.

5. Keeping the scalp clean and dandruff free

Washing with appropriate shampoo depending on whther you have dry or oily hair will make your scalp clean. If you have dandruff make sure you get rid of it and keep your scalp moisturized.

6. Moisturising the scalp

 You can use oils or moisturizing shampoos or seven moisturizing hair masks once a week to moisturize your scalp. Especially in winters you have to keep your scalp moisturized.

7. Conditioning the hair

Using a conditoner after shampoo is advised to give your hair a smoothness. Do not apply the conditioner to the roots of your hair or to your scalp. Only apply it to the ends.

8. Protecting hair from heat and harsh chemicals

  • Stay away from too much styling, coloring and ironing your hair.
  • Reduce using hot hair dryers and bathing with very hot water.
  • Use gentle shampoos with less chemicalsReduce using hair sprays for styling.
  • Colouring your hair too much or styling too much can damage your hair.

9. Gentle  and chemical free shampoo

Try using gentle and chemical free shampoos to wash your hair.

And wash you hair whenever required.  Washing dry hair frequently should be avoided as it can make them more dry.

10. Trim

Try to trim your hair at the ends. If you have split ends trimming them is better. You can trim them every 2 to 3 months.

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