Uses of Henna

Uses of Henna

Always make sure that you use natural henna without any chemicals or colours. Some people may be allergic to henna. Sometimes, the henna may be of a bad quality which can cause allergies. So be sure you’re not allergic before applying it.
In our country, almost everybody has been using henna from centuries.
We use henna to make art on our hands and feet for weddings, engagements, festivals and different occasions and ceremonies. People of all religions use it.

1. Henna Designs on Hands and Feet

Whenever we hear of applying henna on our hands and feet, the only thing that comes to mind is brides and weddings. In our country, application of henna for a bride on her hands and feet is a must.
In weddings, we have a separate ceremony called “Mehendi“ for applying henna art designs on the hands and feet of the bride, relatives and guests.
It takes a lot of practice to apply henna designs. To get a good design, you need to get it applied by a professional henna artist. Nowadays, there are a lot of designs and styles so that you can ask the artist for any style.
It gives an orange and maroon stain after removing the dried henna.
It takes almost 7 to 10 days for the henna to completely disappear from your hands.

2. Henna for Nails

Applying henna on nails will give you a natural nail colour. And the stain will be almost permanent till the new nail grows and you trim the stained part.
Once the dried henna is removed, it gives you an orange colour on your nails. After two to three applications, it will give you a dark brown or maroon colour on the nails.

3. Henna as Hair Colour

Applying henna on your hair will give you a nice color. Many people with grey hair apply it as a natural hair dye. But make sure it is natural before the application. Even young people can use it to color their hair.

4. Henna for Shiny Hair

For deep conditioning of the hair and for making the hair healthier and longer. To make them look shiny, henna is applied to the hair by many people.
As you are applying it, make sure to use natural henna and natural ingredients.

5. Cloth Dying

Some people also use henna for dying or coloring clothes aswell.

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