A Newly Born Mother

A Newly Born Mother

“Push push push!” Nurses and doctor were shouting. I did not know what was I doing that time. But I knew that I am responsible to bring this new soul to this world. I did my best to introduce the world to my daughter. I was thrilled to see my daughter jumping and clinging to the doctor’s hand. She made it. She decided to come out successfully. She was crying cluelessly. I was proud to see her doing well.

I again met her in my hospital room. She was wondering and falling asleep. I asked my mother to give her in my hand ” I don’t know with what guts I held her”. I never lifted a one-hour newly born baby so far. But when I held her for the first time I was so confident and bonded instantly. This is one of the miracles of God.
 My mother asked me to feed her. It was a new experience. I tried my best to feed her. I never taught her how to suck  or draw milk from my breast. But I could see my daughter struggling to suck from my breast. I was in tears when I found that I was not able to lactate her. I asked the doctor to give her formula milk but she asked me to wait until my daughter does the suction. She made it. She drew milk from my breast. I was patiently waiting for her to learn suction, but I experienced pain from breast engorgement. I bought a breast pump for pumping the milk. I gave the thick colostrum to my daughter. Eventually, she learnt to suck and mastered it later. I realized in that moment, so far my breast has been a most romantic part of the body to me. But after feeding her, it has become a beautiful food producing organ to me. These experience changed my idea about the body of mine.
 I looked at my stretch mark as a beautiful drawing of my daughter. I no more look the way I am. I have gained 15 kgs. My daughter transformed me into a new person. And also appointed me to a new post called Mother.  I experienced an adventurous journey of motherhood.
 I really enjoyed the process of becoming a mother. I was never taught to become one. I was just innately created to be a mother to do everything instantly. So every time a new baby is born along with that a newly born mother is also born with extraordinary guts and instincts.  These instincts gave me a wonderful experience to question everything, to be skeptical about everything. I even questioned my doctor why is her poop is in green colour.
 I enjoyed the experience of killing mosquitoes and learning the medical drug names and vaccines. I was even motivated to upgrade myself more to be a role model for my little angel, Tharagai ( her name) three months old.
 This is my adventurous journey as a mother. I learnt everything naturally. I did go to any class to become a mother. I did believe in myself and God to become a mother. And finally blessed with it. I have successfully brought up my daughter in these three months. I will continue to do the same. Thank you.
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