Breast Milk and Its Amazing Uses - My Personal Experience

Breast Milk and Its Amazing Uses – My Personal Experience

We all know the nutritious value of breast milk for the babies and how important it is for their growth and development. Here I would like to state a couple of other uses of breast milk :
My little one always has a strand of hair stuck in his eyes ( one or both ) and when it happened first time around when my little one was around 20 days old, we were really worried and took him to doctor and he removed using sterile solution. But when it happened next time it was on Sunday and there were no doctors available nearby. My grandma told me to try putting breast milk and check if I can remove hair and I did same, believe it or not with just one drop of breast milk and with just one blink
of my baby I could see hair coming out of the eye and it had worked ?. Now every time this happens am not worried as I have a super solution handy!
I would like to share another incident when my little one was born. He had problem with latching during the feed and I had sore and cracked nipples. Tough days they were and it was really painful, I first tried applying coconut oil and butter but did not see much result. Then doctor prescribed an ointment, but the problem was, I had to clean my breast every time before feed to make sure it did not reach the baby through breastmilk. Then one of my friends told me to apply breastmilk and within a few days of application, soreness and cracked ones were healed to a greater extent and yet again breast milk had done its wonderful job and the best part here is I need not worry about washing the area every time as it is breast milk ?.
I hope this was informative to all the new moms.
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