My Life, Price Less Gift and Love You Maa

My Life My Jaaan Price Less Gift and Love You Maa

Babies are the blessings of God, without God wish nothing can happen. When a baby born that is the best day of a mother’s life. Taking him in the arm is the best feeling. Can’t think to go out without my baby or leave my baby  in day care or with any other person. Now I can feel that pain of my mother when I don’t listen to her, when I hurt her, with out sleep days and nights, work whole day and then take care of mine. Thanks a lot for taking so much care of mine maa love you a lot. Thank you is a very small word maa, we will never return your favour for what ever you did for me.

Baby you teach me a lot of things which I don’t know before I didn’t get you so I also want to thank you.. you are my jaan. There are people who will give you so many advice that how to do stuff but now. I feel that no need to listen to every one. Every person in the world feel that he/she has all the knowledge, but they only know how to give the lecture, they never help you. Baby good bless you always. There is a small story I want to share. When my baby was born, it was July and some people said that it is very cold and I have to use blanket on my baby. I have no knowledge, I thought they were right but that thing hurt my baby so much. He has pimple on all his body. He faced many problems because of that, it hurts my baby a lot.  He cries entire  nights. That’s why don’t listen to every one. Do what you think is right. It is very easy to give wrong suggestion but because of that a baby can face problems. So please don’t listen to every person. Not everyone suggestion is right.

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