Latching On - a Poem About the Difficult Yet Beautiful Journey of Breastfeeding

Latching On – a Poem About the Difficult Yet Beautiful Journey of Breastfeeding

During World Breastfeeding Week, let’s celebrate the fact that our bodies are capable of providing food to our little cute babies. Along with God’s will, what you also need is a lot of patience, a bit of faith and heap loads of stamina. But once the journey begins, there is no looking back. It becomes easier over a period of time and strangely soothing for the Mumma too! Having said that, every mom has her own thought process, her own challenges and her own decisions and she is the best person to decide what works for her and her baby – whether it’s breast milk or formula or somewhere in between (a combination of the two). It’s not about the breast or formula – what is actually best is a well-fed baby! So bring on the bottles, bring on the pump, bring on the formula and above all bring on all the snuggles.

Here’s a poem about the difficult yet beautiful journey of breastfeeding.

Latching On

I never knew my body could feed my child,
And respond to the cue and need of my child.

But as we started this unexplored journey from scratch,
We fumbled and crumbled to get the first latch.

The second time was more difficult and I felt like giving in;
But I had a change of heart when I saw her divine grin.

I decided to give it a try with all the love I had;
And I figured in a strange way it made me feel glad!

With a lot of inhibitions, fear and care;
Slowly but surely we were getting there.

With every single feed, we were attaining competence,
Knowing each other along the way, gaining confidence!

Gradually we became like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle,
Fitting perfectly into each other without having to struggle.

Then came a time we would look for every opportunity to snuggle,
Spending our “We Time” cocooned in our bubble!

Your tiny little fingers wrapped around mine,
An experience surreal, a feeling divine!

It soothed you, it calmed you, it put you to sleep;
It made me smile even while it made me weep!

And as days changed to months we developed a bond,
Which would stay for this lifetime and hopefully beyond!

Though this journey may end, I will cherish this beautiful phase;
When I could experience motherhood in all its glory by God’s grace!

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