Diapers for Babies - Boon or Bane?

Diapers for Babies – Boon or Bane?

New mommyhood is all about being tensed. Am I doing the right thing? Is this good for my baby? In this entire process, we forget about ourselves. But there is no harm in cutting yourself a slack. After all, if you are stressed how will you take care of your child? I had switched to diapers after my baby turned two months. The doctor assured me that it’s fine as long as she doesn’t get rashes or UTI. I checked a few brands and found Mamypoko pants suits her well. It’s available in many sizes and lasts pretty long. Baby is comfortable in it too. Thus life became a lot easier. True it gets expensive. But FirstCry ‘Guaranteed Savings‘ offers are a life saver. The only thing one must remember is to start toilet training them as early as possible and be patient about it. The earlier you start, the easier is the process. Soon you can use diapers only when the baby goes out or if she wets her bed through the night. Make sure it is changed timely. The baby is comfortable and you are relaxed. Many will advise against it and pass comments. But the bottom-line is “suit yourself”. You are the mother and know what is best for your child. It’s better you spend quality time with the baby than fretting over other things right? So just relax and make the most of their wonderful growing years. They grow up faster than you can imagine! From your lap to playschool before you bat your eyelids. And please find time for yourself too! Don’t forget who you are. And that definitely goes beyond just being a mother or a daughter or a wife or a sister. Your parents had the same hopes for you and cared for you as much as you do for your baby. You are special. Just like your little one is. And you are most special to her.

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