Help Your Child to be a Good Baby, By Not Putting Pressure

A tough and challenging job for a mother is to teach your baby to behave nicely, which is very important for a baby to learn. Mother leads a major roll in this matter. She is the one who feels proud when her baby got to know how to behave with people or in society.

1. Keep Encouraging Your Baby, Do Not Discourage Them by Saying NO for Everything. So a Big NO to Your No.

Instead of saying no, ask them to be careful while doing something. Don’t stop them from everything. Let them explore.

2. Always Be For Your Baby

Talk to your baby and get to know their problems and help them. When their demands are not met they behave in improper way. So try understand the reason behind their actions.

3. Don’t Overload Them by Asking to Learn Lot of Things.

It will be confusing for baby to do lot of things at one movement. Explain and make it simple. Try to make them understand how does that help them.

4. Be a Role Model.

They will follow you. So they learn from your actions too. So keep that in mind and then act.

5. Sit With Them and Play

They love to learn with you. Play with them, sing with them, dance , talk to them , do as many things you can do with them.. Every minute you spend with them will be teaching them some or the other thing.

6. Try to Explain,Before Getting Angry

If baby asks or does something which is not good for her.
Getting and angry a dn showing the anger on baby will affect the baby and not give any good before showing the anger try explaining why it is bad. And why shouldn’t she/he do it. Then definitely they will understand it.

So be polite and be nice to your baby. Screaming and shouting at your baby will make situation to be more worst. And will affect the baby too. Take care of your baby in such a way he /she will be having their holistic development.

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