Here Are Few Tips for Happy Parenting Which Results in Happy Baby

Here Are Few Tips for Happy Parenting Which Results in Happy Baby

Hello, mothers! This is my first narrative, and it’s about my parenting journey so far. My baby girl is seven months old, and the time has flown by. It was initially tough for me to comprehend. I gradually began to observe her. Things got a little better after that. I used to feed for all the crying, then check the nappy and sleep. As a result, this distinction was made. She cried uncontrollably once in the night and hardly slept for the first two months. Then I began to learn various things. Speak with mothers and inquire about their experiences.

So, to demonstrate the difference between day and night, my friend advised using a night lamp alone. It was initially challenging to utilise the night lamp independently; therefore, it was gradually reduced. Later, I noticed that my night sleep had improved. So, starting in the third month, nocturnal sleep improved. However, there was less sleep overall. Then, when she was five and a half months old, I learned about the wake-up window and began rigorously observing it. Her general sleep quality improved after that. However, several things went wrong with her regimen. Her nap would be disturbed in either case. She does not sleep as prescribed by the chart, and she does not weigh as prescribed by the chart. I’m not concerned about this because she’s a happy and energetic baby. My paediatrician believes we can regain our weight. I haven’t had her do anything except sleep and eat until today. I’ve started solids and want her to see everything.

So the mother is aware of her baby and will proceed properly. Go with the flow. When you cannot aid yourself, seek assistance from your partner or family members. I take a little nap while she doesn’t get enough sleep at night or when he rocks the baby. Maintain a happy mental state. Consume your preferred foods. If at all feasible, do all of your favourite things. Not everything is possible as it was before. Keep a positive attitude. Continue to smile and take care of yourself and your child. Happy motherhood and happy parenthood. This leads to a contented child.

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