A Seasoned Mumma's Wisdom On How to Survive New Motherhood!

A Seasoned Mumma’s Wisdom On How to Survive New Motherhood!

Life as a new Mumma is definitely exciting! However, let’s face the fact that it’s also intimidating and stressful at times, especially in the first few days or couple of months, when we are trying to figure out every possible way to care for the new life we have created. It isn’t easy, BUT, not difficult either! So, here’s some Mumma wisdom from someone who has been there and done that. 
  • Learn to let go when you make mistakes. Even experienced mothers makes tons of them. Go easy on yourself! In a few months’ time, you’ll look back and pat yourself on your back for how you were able to handle everything beautifully.
  • Don’t be scared to ask for help. None of us here is a superwoman, and definitely are not less of a parent if we ask for help. In fact, going through the most life-altering phase of our life and childbirth is no cake walk! So, take a deep breath and say HELP! It’ll make life a bit easier.
  • Ninety percent of the time you wonder about when you can lie down and catch up on lost sleep. I would say, in the initial few days, you should sleep as the baby sleeps. This way, recuperation gets easier and better. Sleep deprivation leads us nowhere. Gradually, things will get easier, and then you can form a routine. Healing your own self is very very important, and sleep does wonders!
  • Get away from the Mumma guilt. Let others in the family take care of the baby, too. This won’t make you a bad mother – in fact, the baby will get some extra love from others at home! You can very well utilise that time for some ‘me’ time, nap time, or any unfinished task time. (This is especially useful for those staying in a joint set up.)
  • Trust your instincts, as it gets overwhelming sometimes with loads of information from family, relatives, neighbourhood, blogs, parenting apps, and more. Filter the information according to what suits you, and take the rest with a pinch of salt. You know what suits you and your baby the best! 
  • Don’t be a part of the rat race. By this I mean, not necessarily everything that worked out for me, will work for you as well, and vice versa. Slowly and gradually, you will get into the groove, and will be able to chalk out a plan that suits you and your baby the best, be it a sleep pattern, feeding schedule, nap time, or play time!

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