Motherhood = Don’t Care About Others! Enjoy Your Child’s Baby Phase

Motherhood = Don't Care About Others! Enjoy Your Child's Baby Phase.

I am a first-time mom having a one-year-old kid. For the past one year, I have grown fed up of hearing lots of suggestions and comparisons especially about the sleep pattern and eating habit of my child. My child is a shallow sleeper by birth(from her day one she never slept at night even in the hospital she woke up at night and slept only for fifteen hours in the morning) and having development spurt now, she rejects most of the food I offer.
I often heard words like “you should have trained your baby to sleep sharply by nine at night” come on she is just a year old baby!!”I have never seen such a fussy eater in my life!” so what? That’s my problem I am the one serving her, feeding her and am not having any problem with that.

I tried convincing my in-laws whenever they compare, but the result is ZERO. The only one person who always stands by my side is my husband. He never allows anyone to compare my baby with others.

We know that each kid is different from other. One kid loves being only with their mom, and others love to be social like my baby is of social type. She loves being with many people which in turn paved the way for comments like “seems like your baby needs more nurture from you. She is not satisfied with your cuddles that’s why she wants attention from others.”
So finally what we did is we made sure that no one comments or compares in front of her so that her self confidence won’t get affected and we completely accepted our baby and her schedules as it is.

I personally advice all the moms here is STOP WORRYING ABOUT OTHERS COMMENTS AND ENJOY YOUR BABY’S CHILDHOOD.people here always comments on us whatever it is! Be bold and be strong.

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