Dear 2020, You Actually Won! It's 2021 (Read as Twenty Twenty Won)!

Dear 2020, You Actually Won! It’s 2021 (Read as Twenty Twenty Won)!

Dear 2020,

You were unpredictably memorable. You brought the entire humankind to a stop for once. We were stuck in this rat race to achieve one thing after the other, since ever, eventually forgetting that we are spending our entire lives in the hope to create a better life for ourselves.

While the pandemic has hurt many by taking away their loved ones, it was a reality check for others – a reality check on themselves and how their lives affect their near and dear ones. We got to know ourselves better.

Every individual utilised this time in their own way. Some took a back-seat and took rest after years of work. Those who could get to be with their families worked on strengthening their bonds. Some learnt and polished life-skills like cooking; it is a survival skill after all. Others learnt to swim or picked up a sport that they had been keen on learning but had to put away due to non-availability of time. TIME – we got ample time to reflect upon ourselves.

Also, doctors, the medical fraternity, security personnel, every frontline workers toiled day and night to try to save as many lives possible. They have been doing all they can to make sure that the sick are tended to, and the virus is curbed in whichever way possible.

I, for one, am grateful that I got to spend time with my parents and my toddler. We went to Nani’s for Holi celebration and were there with them all this time. Citing the pandemic restrictions and regulations, it was the best decision. Moreover, it would have been such a pain to look after my fire-cracker, wall climbing, energy-bomb baby by myself. She had the time of her life making friends with birds, peacocks, ducks and bees, running around under the blue sky on open green grasslands, eating fresh produce from the farms and jumping in cool rivulets.

Thank you 2020 for reminding us of the important things in life, and helping us see who actually cares about us and refreshing our minds to what are we are living for. We live once, and our lives are so fragile that we never know what tomorrow brings. We got to be grateful and appreciate even small things like the sun that rises every day and the wind that blows, so we can breathe.

Dear 2020, you have won against us humans and shown us the better way. Thank you.

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