Here's How You Can Make Your Baby Super Active

How Can You Make Your Baby Super Active! Always Laughing, Playing, Happy and Healthy

Every one of us wants our baby as active as much possible every day. Based on my experience I’m listing down the below observations that made my baby very active.

When I say active, these are the few things that I meant –
1. Baby is actively listening.
2. Baby is actively trying to speak or singing.
3. Baby is actively moving her hands and legs.
4. Baby is actively observing the surroundings.
5. Baby is trying to crawl and walk on the bed

Following are the Critical Observations that Made me Understand the Reason Behind my Baby Being Super Active

1. It helps if the mother is very active, always laughing and trying to be patient enough with the child.
2. Whoever is with the baby, should be active too because that is what the baby tries to imitate.
3. Try to follow some timings regarding actively engaging with the baby for 5 to 6 times every day.
4. Try showing bright colours.
5. Try moving baby to different parts of the house where much ventilation and light is available.
6. Try playing some simple sounds.
7. Try using similar words during initial days during feeding.
8. Try to observe the baby and tell some basic words or letters during the change of diaper or during changing the dress etc.
9. Most important is please observe the baby day in and day out to see any changes. Changes I mean weather, the baby is active, time to time or not and accordingly do all the above.

Also having patience and interest will make your baby super active.

Other Things that you Can do to Develop the Baby Actively

1. Early morning tell baby good morning/good afternoon/good evening and goodnight.
2. Let them listen to some music or sounds that smooth their ears after feeding and when the surroundings are calm, and the baby is ready to sleep.
3. Try to move baby’s hands and legs as per doctors suggestions so that the baby is active and no gas is obstructing the motion and baby will be active.
4. Give then enough and sound sleep which is possible when they are active during non-sleep hours.
5. Try avoiding digital electronics such as phones/ televisions etc. for a few days

Believe all the above will make your baby active as well.

Thank you for your time.

Have active time with your baby.

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