How to Raise Your Child to Be Happy and Confident

All of us parents would love to know the best way to raise our children. All we want is for them to grow up to be happy and confident individuals. I promise here to let you on a little secret which all of us know and yet miss on sometimes. A child’s journey begins in the mother’s womb itself where he/ she takes a lot of the mother’s environment and temperament than it can be imagined. Once the child is out in this world, begin the real perils and joys of parenting. For the child, the first home, the first teacher, the first friend, the first protector are YOU, the primary caregiver, mom or dad or both. Out from the security of the womb, in this wide world, the child feels scared and uneasy. And it is in the very initial months that there opens a critical window of opportunity where the child’s personality will shape itself. The first three months of the child’s life, when it is sleeping most of the time, also happens to be the most important. It is here that you lay the foundations of the future. And this can be done by giving all the attention, all the cuddling that the child wants. The first three months are called the fourth trimester, and it is unique because this unlike the other three allows the participation of both parents. While Indian parents would have often heard that the child should not be taken up in one’s arms otherwise it will get spoilt; it is essential both for you and your child to have all the cuddling that the child wants. It instils a sense of security in the child and releases good hormones in your body. A secure child grows up to be a happy child and a happy child into a confident individual — happy parenting.

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