How Can You Deal with Labour Pain?

How Can You Deal with Labour Pain?

It is said that when a child is born, a mother is also born. From day one of pregnancy, a mother-to-be goes through various physical and mental changes. She may also experience stress. One of the main reasons for stress is the thought of labour pain. To embrace motherhood, all women have to go through the phase of labour.

Every expecting mother should be aware of the different signs of labour, at least during the start of her third trimester. If you have no idea about the different signs of labour, your doctor, midwife, and elders can help you understand. Here, I would like to share a  few tips on how to deal with labour pain.

1. Try Breathing Exercises

To ease labour pain, you can try breathing exercises. Do breathing exercises when you have a strong urge to go to the toilet. Slowly and gently, breathe in and breathe out – it will help you calm down and alleviate some pain. You can consult your doctor for breathing exercises as he will be able to guide you better on how to do breathing exercises.

A pregnant woman in labour walking around

2. Walk Around

A woman can be in labour for 12 to 16 hours – it might take a lot of time for the contractions to get severe and consistent. Staying in bed or in the same position for long can increase your pain. To ease that pain to an extent, you can try walking, if you can. If you are able to move, try to walk around your bed.

3. Consider Epidural

Epidural injections can provide relief from labour pain, but they work differently for different women. An epidural injection is given to women in the lower back. For some women, epidural might work, but for some, it may not work. When you are in labour, you will be asked if you need an epidural injection. Here’s how you can decide whether to take it or not.Usually, a woman’s cervix should be fully dilated to 10 cm for the delivery. If your cervix has expanded more than 5 cms within a few hours then it’s fine because you will be able to deal with the rest. You won’t need an epidural in this case. However, if your cervix is expanding slowly and you find it difficult to bear the pain, then you can go ahead with it. After all, it’s your choice to take it or not.

4. Push Harder

Once you are asked to push the baby out by your doctor, do it with your whole strength. It helps the cervix to expand faster and deliver the baby. Place your palms on the bed on either side and push harder.

5. Pray

A baby is a gift from God, so pray to Him for a happy and painless delivery. Also, remember that this time shall pass. Once you deliver your baby, you will completely forget the pain and will be ecstatic on seeing your little wonder. So pray, before you enter the labour and throughout the labour

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