A Baby's Arrival in the Family: Tiny Bundle of Joy or the Biggest Responsibility?

A Baby’s Arrival in the Family: Tiny Bundle of Joy or the Biggest Responsibility?

Most of the time, a baby’s arrival into the family is treated as good news. The mom-to-be and dad-to-be are happy, grandparents start preparations for their grandchild’s arrival, uncles and aunts paste cute baby photos on the wall. There is no limit to the happiness of a family expecting a new child. The new mom-to-be is given a lot of love from everyone, taken care of, given gifts and yummy food items to eat. The baby shower and maternity photo shoot are conducted too. Soon, the baby arrives.Relatives visit, grandparents start to play with the baby, happiness is in the air…!But as the days pass by, everyone becomes busy with their daily routine expect the mom. Slowly, the child starts becoming only the mother’s responsibility: the baby’s feeding, bathing, sleeping, and health remain to be only her concern. Family members play with the child as per their convenience when the baby is happy but as soon he/she starts crying, the baby is given to his/her mom. The concept that a crying baby stops as soon as he/she is taken by the mother is not practical. She is also apparently supposed to know what baby needs. Sleepless nights tend to become a routine for mothers. The mother has to think about the child first, then family, and lastly about own self. This affects not only the physical but also the mental health of women.Through this article I want to bring about awareness among people that a child is part of the whole family so it’s not fair to burden the mother alone with everything; everyone should play their role to fullest. Grandparents should take the baby for small walks. The father of the child should start proper financial planning regarding the child. The uncle or aunt can take also care of the baby if he/she wakes up frequently at night. This will reduce the workload and stress of the mother, as she is also human after all and she needs love, care and rest too. Then, it’ll be the happiest family of all!

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