Parenting is Raising Our Bundle of Joy with Equal Responsibility!

Parenting is Raising Our Bundle of Joy with Equal Responsibility!

Are we heading towards a century of robotics, automation, and a completely digital world? Yes.

I came across an advertisement where a mother scolds her married pregnant daughter for telling her husband that it’s the father’s duty to take care of his pregnant wife and also share parenting responsibilities. The daughter replies that her husband hardly knows how to prepare tea! She immediately realised that her own son is not prepared for anything related to basic household chores.

Mothers concentrate on their daughters learning basic household chores and kitchen work. Sons are told, “You have just to work for your future family, your wife will take care of children and household work.”
This mindset is still rattling around. A girl is still told to think before she talks, walks or dresses up, while sons are not told anything.
I remember aunties in the neighbourhood saying if boys don’t study, we can open them a shop or business! Girls can get married, which requires a lot of money!

Are we teaching our sons equality?

Equality means girls should be educated and allowed to work and speak their mind! Very right! Does equality mean that girls take 2 steps towards being a man? But a man can take similar steps to share  a woman’s duties too (which have been labelled since ages, like cleaning, kitchen, kids, parenting, etc.)

Girl and boys need to be taught good manners at home and in public. Both need to be taught to respect each other’s gender and the work they do.

Parents should learn to accept that both girls and boys are equal. Bullying men helping their wives or bullying women for going to office should not be accepted.

Let’s accept that parenting is the responsibility of both parents. Parenting is fun and learning new things from our children daily.

Let’s teach our children to be good parents in future!

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