Makeup Bag Essentials - Makeup Products Every Woman’s Bag Should Have

Makeup Bag Essentials – Makeup Products Every Woman’s Bag Should Have

1. Face Wash

A moisturizing face wash if you have dry skin or any other face wash which suits your skin type is best. Before starting your makeup make sure your face is clean and dirt-free.

2. Moisturizer

After washing your face, dry it with a soft towel and apply moisturizer. Let the moisturizer sit for a minute or two.

3. Primer

Now apply a good primer which hides your large pores and makes your makeup longlasting. Take a small amount and apply all over your face.

4. Foundation

Now dot the foundation all over your face and apply it with the help of a makeup sponge or a foundation brush.

5. BB Cream

If you don’t want to wear foundation, yet want something light on your face in place of it, a good baby cream is the best option.

6. Concealer

To hide all your blemishes and dark circles, apply a good concealer. And it is a must in your makeup bag.

7. Powder

To set your base, either use moisturiser or baby cream and concealer, apply a compact powder or a loose setting powder with the help of a sponge or powder brush.

8. Contour

You can have a contour in your bag which is a powder one shade darker than your skin tone. You can contour your face and nose using a contour brush.

9. Highlighter

To highlight the high points of your face, use a highlighter on the cheekbones, bridge of nose and cupids bow. This is also a must for your makeup bag if you want a glamorous party makeup.

10. Eyeshadow

To create different shadow looks, keep an eye shadow palette in your makeup kit. You can keep single eyeshadows or a palette or stick eyeshadow. You can have powder or cream or liquid eye shadows.

11. Eyebrow Pencil

To fill your eyebrows and give them a nice shape, always keep an eyebrow pencil in your makeup bag which suits your hair colour.

12. Mascara

To make your eyelashes long and voluminous, coat them with mascara. So keep a good mascara in your makeup bag.

13. Eye Liner

If you have an eyeliner in your makeup bag, you can create different styles of eyeliner looks like winged or cat eye or basic.

14. Kajal

Keep a good kajal in your makeup bag so that you can apply it to your eyes while doing makeup.

15. Lip Balm

Keep a lip balm in your makeup bag to moisturize your lips.

16. Lip Liner

Keep lip liner in your makeup bag to line your lips before applying lipstick.

17. Lipstick

A red lipstick made with some light shades and nude lipstick is a must in your makeup bag.

18. Lipgloss

If you want a glossy look on your lips, always keep a lip-gloss in your makeup bag.

19. Basic Makeup Brushes and Tools

Keep basic makeup brushes like foundation brush, powder brush, eyeshadow brush and a lip brush. You can have eyelashes curler, a sharpener and false lash glue if you use false lashes.

20. False Eyelashes and Lash Glue

This is completely optional but if you wear false lashes then you need to have false lashes and lash glue in your makeup bag.

21. Makeup Sponge

To apply foundation and powder keep a makeup sponge.

22. Makeup Fixing Spray

To make your makeup long-lasting, apply makeup fixing spray after completing the makeup. So always keep a fixing spray in your makeup bag.

23. Makeup-Removing Wipes

Keep makeup-removing wipes in your make bag so that you can remove your makeup anywhere easily.

24. Makeup Remover

Any makeup remover which you love to use is okay to keep in your makeup bag.

25. Cotton

Cotton balls or cotton pads are good to keep in your makeup bag so that you can remove your makeup.

26. Q tips or Cotton Buds

Keep Q tips or cotton buds in your makeup bag. They will help you correct minor makeup mistakes like if you have not done your eyeliner correctly or to remove smudged lipstick.
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