My First Connection With Him Was Like I Was on Seventh Sky

My First Connection With Him Was Like I Was on Seventh Sky

It started from 1 feburary 2018 when we got assured that yes I was expecting and I remember his words, “Look I told you” adding more to it with the great laugh and joy he said,”Maine papa banne wala hu aur tum mummy.”

It was all so new he was very happy on the other side i was perplexed that should I react I should be happy or not. It was like “I dont know what to do.” Like instead of being happy I was thinking now what all I have to do I started calculating the things do I have the savings to plan a family or do we both will be able to rear a baby.

I don’t tell anyone as Jai my patidev said,” kisiko mat batana abi nazar lag jaegi so keep this with you for couple of months” But being talkative and working in a school with my loveable friends dnt let me quiet for long. So intentionaly I use to act in such a way that they get a clue or they enquire about anything being wrong.

And my trick worked out i was carrying a bundle I put it down on the table and sat down in tiring way but yes this time I was really tired. One of  my colleague cum close friend asked me,”Is everything fine?” Her way of asking was like as though she was sure that some good news is there. But then I also dnt want to share at ones. So I said,”Yes,all is good.”Then she again said,”Sachie bta, any good news.” There I blushed and noded my head. Slowly all got to know about this and I still could not any connection with my lil one in the womb.
I planned ill gived him the best but.

Everyone was happy and even I was happy watching all of them happy but I couldnot have any connection with baby.

Everybody started caring a lot like someone sometimes got my favourites to eat for me in the school, sometimes in my mom’s appartment people use to give me some useful tips, my van driverji started driving slowly, he gave me liberty of not tucking the belt but I did for the safety.

Lots of pampering and caring nourished my pregnancy with love and joy.
But something was same I could not set any communication my beloved one.
Months passed on and as heard it from my sister in law dat baby kicks around 5 or 6 month then I started noting it and I was curious how that will happen.

It was my 6th month on 7th june 2018 after finishing all my work I sat down with a cup of coffee and suddenly something kicked into my tummy being a new mom I couldnt understand what happened and noone being around made me more confused.
I sat down again calming myself and again after few minutes the same thing happened.
I called my husband sharing this scene on which he said ,” laat mari champ ne”
I kept the receiver down and tears rolled down my eyes that was the first time in such a long journey when I felt  I am going to be a mom.

I touched my baby bump and started feeling his movements and my touch made him move more faster sometimes he kicked sometimes he rolled.

There I started feeling I will now have a angel with me who will be mine and ill  be with the baby….

His first kick took me on the seven skies and I am saying it truely ,” itne months mae I realized it now I am pregnant”

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