Basics to be Learnt to Put a Baby to Sleep.. Without Forcing or Any Other Pressure

Basics to be Learnt to Put a Baby to Sleep.. Without Forcing or Any Other Pressure


Firstly i would give a applause to all mums out people are doing a great job!

The biggest duty of doing to your kids is putting them to sleep.. I have better idea may be this will help you.

  1. If they are infants.. Give them hot bath everyday if possible, this will help them get relieved from all body pains this may get good sleep to them.
  2. Set  timings, do not force them to sleep all day long.
  3. Give it a check, the way they sleep, the position are they more comfortable, put them to sleep in that  position and believe me this helps a lot.. I am a mother of two, they are just a 1 year difference.. These things helps me a lot.
  4. Feed them until their stomach is full. Burp them. Then put to sleep this will help them sleep for a longer time.
  5. If they are used to cradles, jholi n things like that ,please do avoid it..You can not carry theses things everywhere and every time ,and more they are used to floor  it is more comfortable for them.

Hope these things will help you out..please do like  and leave a comment..

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