Are You Ready to Be a Mom?

Are You Ready to Be a Mom?

Motherhood is a wonderful adventure and a divine calling, but are you ready to get on this adventure? Do you want to have a baby as your best friend or is your biological clock ticking? If you are thinking that having a baby is an easy-peasy job, then let me break this bubble for you. Usually, many women are ready to have a baby, but yet others are still struggling with the thought of having a baby. I know when I was stuck on this same question, it took me days and months to decide whether I was ready to have a baby. That time I went through all these thoughts, I remember sleepless nights thinking whether I’m really ready or not. Don’t worry, let me help you make this life changing decision with these 6 questions.


1. Is It You or the Society?

Being a woman, it’s assumed that one day she is going to have a baby. Unfortunately, we live in a society where a woman is expected to have a baby as soon as she gets married. Many women are not ready to have a baby but her family, her friends, her society (yes, I’m talking about those nosey aunties and gossipy neighbours) and many a time, even her spouse pressurizes her to have a baby. If you are planning or even thinking of having a baby just because of the peer pressure of the society, then it’s the wrongest reason to have a baby. This is the time to think about you what you feel; are you really ready mentally or even physically, just forget about what others say and do what you feel (I know this line is cliché but it works).

2. Relationship Problems

Every relationship experiences problems at one point or the other, it can be from arguments to problems about compatibility, intimacy, time, trust or worry over money. The best-known solution anyone thinks about is having a baby. Couples think that having a baby will solve all their problems (even our parents or society suggest you to have a baby), but it’s not at all true. When your relationship is not stable and you decide to have a baby, indirectly or directly you impose those problems on your kids. Today there are so many kids who are depressed just because they have family issues just like divorced parents or constant fights between their parents. Having a kid in such an environment is not healthy. I say, you sit with your spouse, try to talk and solve all those unsolved issues between both of you, come to a solution, make your relationship healthy (no relationship is healthy without communication) then and only then think of having a baby. This way you can actually enjoy
all those precious moments when your baby is born.

3. Biological Clock is Ticking

They say, never ask a woman her age but that won’t change the biological clock from ticking. Women are stressing out because they know that if they don’t do it now, then it’s never. I’m sure it’s OK to get stressed out for this reason, but let me ask you – are you really ready to be a mom? (I know its contradictory but let me explain). Women these days don’t get married just because they are getting older, they are willing to wait just so that they can achieve something in their life; it can be career or playing some sport or travel or it can be anything… So just try to check all the points on your bucket list before you have a baby.

4. Are You Ready to be Selfless?

Do you remember being dependent on your mom for little things? “Mom!!! Where’s my jeans?”,”Mom, where is my purse?”,”Mom!!! Have you seen my blue top ??” Being a mother means being the most selfless person. Basically a mom is a person who gives,
shares, and helps her kid grow. When a baby comes into the picture, you have to share the most precious things, your personal space and time. I remember when my baby boy was born I had sleepless nights for days and months. Just remember when you become
a mom, you have so much to share with your little bundle of joy.

5. Are You Ready to Take the Responsibility?

Responsibility!!!!! Basic definition of responsibility is the duty to take care of something. Responsibility is such a commonly used word but very few people know the actual meaning of this word. Taking responsibility of a baby is a huge deal, basically
taking care of all their needs, their health and most importantly, raising them as a responsible individual. Whenever a person does something wrong society always blames their upbringing.(in India the mom is responsible for all the deeds a kid does).
Raising a kid is a responsibility because their future depends upon what values we teach them and how we take care of them and their problems.

6. Are You Financially Stable?

Last but not the least money…..Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant. They say, you cannot buy love with money, true, but in this century, money has become the source of survival. If you are planning to have a baby you will need to start saving money because from day one of your pregnancy, you’ll have to take all kinds of tests and medications and after delivery, those long hospital bills, babies’ medicines, their well-being… every penny counts. Many people want to give their kids the best. Couples should be serious about putting some money aside for the baby and his/her future because the brutal truth is in today’s world, nothing is free of cost. I hope I have answered your question or at least been of help. After all, being a mom is the greatest thing in this world. I’m sure you’ll be a great mom. Best of luck and enjoy every moment with your little one.

Thank you for your time and support. Till next time, take care. Love.

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