An Angel Disguised As My Daughter Chose Me As MOM!

On 26 July, 2016, at 10 in the morning, a pink, soft-skinned, and wrapped gift from God was brought towards me. My heart filled with joy, and my eyes with tears. Suddenly, I heard the voice of the anaesthetist, the mother’s BP is dropping, emergency trolley, please take baby away. My eyes gradually closed, but all my fear was taken away by that tender touch of my angel.

After 4 or 5 hours, my consciousness returned. I was in the hospital room along my little one lying next to me. She was calmly sleeping, pretending that she did nothing for me. But I know why I am back , and this is not the 1st time she did something for me. She gives me the cure for health issues since the time she was in my womb. Yes, the day I came to know that I’m pregnant, I was on treatment during that time for an unhealed lesion on my jaw, which I got after a bad dental procedure. For 1 year, I was taking this treatment, but still there was no relief. The doctor told me that I can’t take medicine during the pregnancy, so I have to make a decision – the treatment, or the baby. It was a 2-week pregnancy.

After a long discussion with the family, everyone advised me to get cured from the illness first, and plan for another baby later. Also, I have to take care of my  4 year old son – if my disease worsens during the pregnancy, then what? How difficult for my husband to manage! After thousands of questions in my mind, I finally I decided I will not go for termination, and left everything on my destiny. When you decide do something good, that means you already defeated all hurdles.

My mouth lesion healed without any medicine – that was the 1st miracle that happened. But good times don’t last much, as a few weeks after that, a complication arose that was life threatening for my foetus. Due to severe bleeding, I got admitted to the hospital.  I thought I lost my baby, but after sonography, I got to know that everything is alright, the baby is safe. I will never forget the words of my gynaecologist. She said, I just came from  doing a termination procedure for a 20-week pregnancy. People are not lucky like you.

That time, I realised how blessed I am, that my 10 weeks pregnancy survived. This complication continued till the 5th month of my pregnancy. Yet, my baby was safe in my womb, as if she was saying, whatever it  is, I have decided to come into this world as your daughter only. She chose me for herself. This is the story of an  angel disguised as my daughter. This is her 4th year, and she fills our life with love and magic.

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