How to Get Maximum Sleep for Yourself When Parenting an Infant

While motherhood is the most precious blessing to a woman, it comes with a price tag. The new mom,  loses herself amidst the cries, nappies, bottles and diapers. Even with people around, she becomes the most burdened one. Things get worse if she loses good health and peace in the process. Getting enough sleep is critical to maintaining sanity. Let’s discuss how that is possible.

The initial two months are difficult to schedule, as the baby has her own pattern of sleep and feeding. But after that, you can definitely put her on a routine. Try to keep her awake during the day by playing music or taking her to balcony or making sounds. This will make her sleep through the night and give you some rest and respite.


For all your actions, give the baby cues. For example, if you plan to make her take a nap, then make ambience peaceful and quiet. Dim the lights, give her a massage etc. At that time don’t make any noise that might change her mood. Slowly, she will understand your signs and cooperate with your plan

Use baby gear
The market is full of a variety of baby gear like never before. You can use a rocker or a jhoola. They are very helpful in initiating and maintaining sleep. Once the baby sleeps, you can lie down next to her and get a break.

Diapers are the biggest boon to motherhood. Put a diaper for your child. This will give your baby undisturbed sleep. For short naps, let her wear a nappy.

Take help
Never hesitate to entrust other people in the house with babysitting. This will give you some ‘me time’ and enhance your productivity

Make a bedtime routine
Start doing things daily at the same time in the same sequence before going to bed. Change your baby’s clothes, putting the diaper, massage your baby, etc.  This will give the baby clues that it is bedtime and she should sleep. This will reduce your effort of putting her to sleep

Your actions
Mind your actions and emotions throughout the day.  Try to limit screen time, eat light food for dinner and don’t indulge in arguments with other people. It’s very common to lose your cool when parenting, but refrain from it. It will help you keep peace of mind and you can sleep well at least when baby is sleeping too

These tips will help you rest while your baby rests!

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